Oysters – a Luxurious and Delicious Fat Burning Food

Oysters, when prepared with steam or other healthy methods, can provide dieters with incredible fat-burning benefits. Low in calories and high in protein and nutrients, adding this shellfish to one’s diet can help stimulate efficient and effective weight loss.

Fat Burning Powers

Along with its similar counterparts, clams and mussels, oysters provide dieters with healthy nutrients and are less than 2% fat. Adding to this, of the small fat makeup of this shellfish, analyses show that this tasty fat burning food contains nearly zero saturated fat. According to recent studies, dietary experts assert that saturated fats, above any other kind, can harmfully impact blood cholesterol levels, and excessive saturated fats also lead to additional health disorders, including obesity and weight gain.

As oysters are low in unhealthy fats, nutritional experts assert that incorporating healthy fat burning foods into one’s diet may help lower blood cholesterol levels. By reducing cholesterol levels in the body, vessels and arteries are able to function more effectively, as this benefit also helps decrease the body’s ability to absorb cholesterol from other foods.

Adding to the fat burning and cholesterol perks, shellfish are also high in nutritious fats, specifically omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the body to maintain a healthy state, as these fats can only be derived from food sources. The body requires omega-3 fats in order to protect cells, organs, and to deliver nutrients and vitamins throughout the body. Adding to this, a healthy dose of omega-3 fats has also been shown to help dieters lose weight and burn fat more effectively.

Also, oysters are naturally high in protein. In fact, they have been shown to provide dieters with more protein than even milk. By consuming protein, the body is able to feel fuller longer, as the body is also able to maintain its blood sugar and energy levels more effectively. With feelings of fullness and energy, the body is able to avoid feelings of hunger, while also preventing food cravings. With this support, dieters are able to more comfortably limit their caloric intake, forcing the body to burn off stored fat in order to receive energy.

Additional Benefits of the Fat Burning Oyster

While a healthy serving of oysters boosts the body’s immune system, provides dieters with protein, and increases a dieter’s fat loss, they also contain an incredibly high amount of zinc. A mere three ounces of this shellfish provide dieters with over 100% of the daily recommended dosage of zinc.

With a diet and health regimen of healthy zinc levels, the body is able to boost the immune system’s functions and abilities. Also, while just three ounces of the shellfish benefits dieters with an abundance of nutrients, experts assert that by consuming six of them, dieters are able to surpass the recommended daily amount of iron suggested by nutritional and dietary guidelines.

Additionally, oysters are also known as natural mood enhancers. As the protein contains an essential amino acid, tyrosine, the intake of this shellfish allows the brain to create enhanced energizing chemicals. When the brain releases more energizing chemicals throughout the body, dieters consuming this fat burning food [http://www.bestfatburningfood.com] is benefited with a quick energy and stamina boost.

Studies show that, for the strongest energy benefit, oysters should be eaten alone, and they are actually most effective when consumed raw. Prior to consuming any raw ones, however dieters must be aware that the consumption of raw foods, especially meats and seafood, may pose specific health risks. Although the raw option may be healthy and beneficial, dieters should consume them in this state with caution and care.